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InnoVites is implementing our software solutions, Cable ERP and CableBuilder, with a local Microsoft Dynamics AX partner who speaks your language and understands your business

InnoVites consultants provide critical support both during the project implementation and throughout the lifecycle of your CableBuilder and Cable ERP installation. They help you to maximize the value of your software as a strategic business asset.

Although each cable company is unique, the wealth of experience we have gained in our projects is usually transferable and can be useful to other customers. From analyzing your needs before implementing a solution, through reliable, efficient design and deployment, to ensuring the long-term effectiveness of your software, InnoVites consultants help you achieve a high return on your investment in the technology.

We can work with you at all stages of your software deployment or use our expertise in specific areas such as data migration, system integration, proven deployment, testing or business process optimization. Our solution architects and developers can also extend InnoVites software to meet specific business needs.

Functional highlights

InnoVites Cable ERP provides business-critical functionality for the wire and cable business that is not covered by standard ERP solutions

Wire & cable companies need software that provides cable construction and powerful search, length, tolerance, copper price, and drum management

Cable manufacturers typically have large product portfolios with hundreds of different designs. Only a limited amount of these products will be sold within one year. The sales teams need help to quickly navigate to products that meet customer needs. InnoVites Cable ERP provides powerful search capabilities based on cable specifications to respond directly to customer needs.

In addition, the cable industry has a special kind of calculation. In this cable calculation, 200 m plus 100 m do not correspond to 300 m. A telecommunications network installer will not accept two drums of 200m and 100m length if the order was for a 300m cable reel.

In addition, customers are very close to the length tolerances they accept: the customer can reject the cable if the actual length of the cable is outside this range.

Another special requirement of the customer is the type of drum to use for the delivery of the cable. The right type of drum depends on customer preferences and the capacity of the drum, based on the weight, length and bending radius of the cable.

This means that the customer requirements regarding length information as well as the length tolerances must be precisely and completely recorded in the system.

InnoVites Cable ERP offers the solution that immediately transfers these customer requirements to the supply chain. The customer’s cable requirements are continuously checked against actual deliveries from production or deliveries from external suppliers.

The goal is to meet customer expectations better and faster day by day.

InnoVites Cable ERP offers length-based optimization of the supply chain

In simple terms, cable manufacturing involves the assembly of expensive, conductive materials (such as copper, aluminum, glass fiber) in a design that insulates and protects these materials. This means that a cable factory is full of expensive raw materials and therefore we usually see stable fences around the production facilities. It also means that a large part of the working capital of a cable manufacturer is in the inventory. For cable manufacturers, the Turnover Rate in Days (ITID) (107 days) is 50% above the average in the manufacturing industry. This knowledge has effects deep into the supply chain. For cable manufacturers, this means that both inventory and production must be carefully controlled. Inventories and losses due to scrap must be minimized to protect the company.

Through length-based planning, InnoVites Cable ERP allocates the (odd) in-stock lengths and then calculates the required manufacturing lengths needed to deliver the cable to the customer in a timely manner.

For example, to get 1,000m of cable, we need to make 1,050m to compensate for torsion and rejection losses. This means that we need cable lengths of 1,150 m, which we can produce by stranding 7 wires of 1,200 m each. The InnoVites Cable ERP system can not only create these planned orders, but also ensures complete traceability throughout the entire order chain, from the purchased copper rod (or raw fiber) to the finished cable.

InnoVites Cable ERP also helps to create optimal manufacturing lengths by grouping the demands of other customers or other designs, taking into account the maximum payback length. Our customers can use this to minimize changeover times on their extruders, become more efficient and reduce material losses.