Main advantages

Working with a tailor-made solution for the cable and wire industry offers important benefits

The InnoVites Cable ERP software is the standard ERP software solution for the cable and wire industry and offers our customers the following advantages:

Industry characteristics in the genes

The InnoVites Cable ERP solution is ideal for the industry. There is no need for “workarounds” that reduce your flexibility and increase complexity. Perfectly complementing your business encourages users to adopt the system, resulting in faster implementation and increased return on investment.

Built in best industry practices

InnoVites Cable ERP was developed and built by experienced veterans of the IT industry who understand the business challenges of the cable industry and produce innovative software solutions. This ensures a better user experience as the solution is designed by people who understand the industry. The designers understand the LEAN practices, apply them and implement them in the solution.

Continuous innovation

Based on interaction with industry leaders, the InnoVites Cable ERP solution is continually enriched with relevant business functionality. InnoVites’ innovative Microsoft Dynamics AX foundation for cables guarantees a mature and rich ERP system that is open to third-party products (such as cable design software).

Improved flexibility

InnoVite’s Cable ERP solution is the natural complement to give your organization a better position to redesign processes and respond quickly to the environment.

Reduced maintenance costs

InnoVites Cable ERP is a ready-made solution. The time and money you’ll need to spend upgrading your customizations will be available for innovative projects that add value to your business. In addition, you do not need to worry about preserving the (technical) knowledge of your specific adjustments.

Collaboration with IT experts in the cable industry

It’s much easier and more efficient to work with people who speak the cable language and know what a cable factory looks like. In addition to this knowledge, we also offer you a sound understanding of innovative information technologies such as web services, object orientation, scalability, etc. This combination of our understanding of your business and our IT knowledge ensures successful cooperation.


Microsoft Dynamics AX can be tailored to support the exact needs of a manufacturing company while keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) low. The solution has extensive capabilities that support build-to-order, engineer-to-order, and build-to-forecast supply chain models.

financial management

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a range of corporate financial resources to consolidate accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centers, no matter where they are located. In addition, employees of these organizations can access accounting, reporting and detailed analysis at the appropriate level for their respective positions.


This fully customizable, all-in-one solution can help grow your business by enabling you to work more effectively with customers, partners, employees and suppliers. Microsoft Dynamics AX can grow with your business. You can use the features you need now and unlock extra features as your needs change and multiply.


Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you realize global business opportunities by supporting high transaction rates and thousands of users in multiple locations. At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates languages, currencies, and legal requirements for more than 30 countries. Microsoft Dynamics AX can be scaled to meet the growing needs of your business for new national or international business opportunities. Multilingualism and multi-currency functionalities allow your employees, customers and suppliers to work in their own language and currency.

InnoVites is a certified Microsoft Partner

The quality and sophistication of InnoVites Cable ERP is recognized by Microsoft, which has given us the status of a Certified Partner. This certification was granted after a rigorous review by Lionbridge (VeriTest). The certification proves the quality of the InnoVites Cable ERP product.